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Cosmetic Dentistry Experts in Milwaukee, WI

At our dental practice, we combine the art of beautifying your smile and optimizing your oral health in every cosmetic treatment we perform. Many people in Milwaukee, WI choose various types of cosmetic dentistry to dramatically improve the appearance of their smile and give their self-confidence a boost. At the Centre for Exceptional Dentistry, we believe you deserve a smile you can be proud of, and our cosmetic care specialists will help you achieve it. When you visit our office for a consultation, our dentist will discuss your goals and the budget you have to work with. After, they’ll explain the solutions we have available to fix your issues. Your personalized treatment plan will cover your individual oral condition and specific needs so that we can transform your mouth to a picture-perfect smile. We’ll take care of your cosmetic needs with expert skills and compassion. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll figure out the perfect treatment for your teeth.

Our Selection of Cosmetic Services

The Centre for Exceptional Dentistry has a thorough collection of cosmetic procedures to perfect your teeth, including veneers, teeth whitening, inlays, onlays, and crown lengthening. We want you to be completely happy with your smile and feel confident flashing your pearly whites for friends, family, and pictures. Our caring team has the training and expertise to repair the staining, imperfections, and damage that make you purse your lips when you meet new people. To help you better understand the services we offer patients, we’ve briefly explained a couple of our cosmetic treatments.

Teeth Whitening

Your diets and daily habits stain our teeth over time. Coffee, wine, tea, and certain foods cause discoloration over time, and smoking and tobacco coat your teeth with unsightly residue. To rectify this situation, we personalize your whitening experience with custom trays that you take home. The first step involves taking an impression of your teeth to create the custom whitening trays, which you can use repeatedly. The next step is to add the whitening gel we provide to the trays and wear them for a short time over the next few days. The effects can brighten your teeth by four to eight shades.

Crown Lengthening

We use crown lengthening for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. In this procedure, we adjust your gum and bone level, so more of your teeth show. People with a “gummy” smile can get longer-looking teeth, and we may opt to perform this procedure in cases of decay that occurs below the gum line. Whether you get crown lengthening for restoration after decay or damage, or you want to expose more of your teeth, our team makes sure the results lead to a happy, healthy smile.

Call for All Your Dental Needs

If you’ve been noticing soreness, pain, or anything else making your teeth and mouth uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office today by calling 414-372-7374 at your earliest convenience!